Make money from your blog.

How to create a blog and make money from it.


People think creating a blog is a very difficult task. They imagine a lot of coding and programming going on in the background of the blog.

Make money from your blog.

This is not exactly so. Creating a blog is really easy and fun if you ask me. And guess what? You stand to make millions from a website you create with a mere $100.

How does one go about blogging? What is it all about and how do I make money from it?

First things first, let’s begin with how to create a blog and then proceed to the other aspect of blogging step by step.

Since I’m familiar with wordpress I can only explain using WordPress interface.


1. Get A Domain Name: The first thing you need to consider is the domain name you want to use.

A domain name is a unique address to a website or blog. No domain name is ever the same. is a domain name. You can use anything as your domain name, but make sure the name you choose has not already been used by someone else.

If you are creating a food blog you can decide to use a domain name like this one or anything at all provided the domain name hasn’t been used already by another person.

  1. Pay For Hosting: Once you have your domain name the next thing to do is to apply for a Hosting plan for that domain name.

Most hosting servers also sell domain names, hence it would be easier and even wiser to buy and host your domain on the same server.

Some hosting servers offer free domain names for a start, but you get to renew the domain when it expires.

  1. Site Propagation: Site propagation is a normal phase in blog creation. Once the hosting has been paid your blogsite goes into propagation. This takes about 2hours to 48 hours.

  2. Install WordPress on the domain: After your hosting has been paid for you will have a hosting account with whatever hosting company you host with.

To install WordPress you will log into your account, mavigate to the application tab and install WordPress. You can ask your hosting servers to do it for you if you get confused.

After installing WordPress and after the site propagaProp might have ended you can then log into your new WordPress website and begin to post articles.

To log in you will enter the following URL www.(your domain name).com/wp-admin and this will take you to the login page that looks something like this below.


You have successfully created your own site. Now how do you make money from it?

How to make money from a blog.

Making money from blogs is easy. All you need to do is drop relevant articles, get good traffic and then you can begin making money through any or all of the ways below…

  • Google Adsense
  • Private advertisement.
  • Music and video promotion.
  • Other advertising companies.

Once you’ve posted sufficient article on your website you can then apply for Google Adsense. If your site complies with the Adsense policy you will be approved to serve ads on your site. This ads generate money for you via your Google Adsense account.

Private individuals can also choose to advertise on your site if your traffic is high, or if your site shows potential. On one of my websites i have 3 individuals advertising and I charge 40k monthly per person. This is another fine way to generate money from your blog. Some sites charge as much as a million naira to advertise with them. Someone like Linda Ikeji charges a million naira to place an ads on her site’s header.

People can also pay you to help promote their songs and videos online. This generates income too. You can make as much as 20k for a single song if you have an appreciative traffic on your site.

Other advertising companies like propellerads, etc are also platforms you can register as a publisher and make cool cash from your site.

As a beginner blogger you can earn close to 200k monthly if you’re devoted and serious about your job.


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